Golf Peaks (Switch) - 8.3

An ingenious and relaxing twist to the concept of golf. Cards, good minimalist art and a great soundtrack, could you ask for more?

Angels of Death (Switch) - 5.7

Angels of Death is a game made with RPG Maker, so it is visually very simple. Music does not help either. The plot may well be the best part together with the well-worked characters. So if you're just looking for these aspects, this is your game.

The Red Strings Club (Switch) - 8.5

The Red Strings Club stands out for its good story, its narrative, its charismatic characters, a great atmosphere and its simple but successful gameplay based on dialogues and mini-games. A title that invites us to reflect and replay it to explore all its stories.

Baba is You (Switch) - 9

In Baba is You there is no narrative, simply levels and levels to solve thinking outside the box. It's innovative, it's unusual, it's a gem.

Fate/Extella Link (Switch) - 7.6

Being a hybrid between visual novel and musou, Fate/Extella Link is a game that will delight fans because it continues the great story of its predecessor, including popular new Servants and offering hundreds of unlockable items that will extend the time of game.

Namco Museum Arcade PAC (Switch) - 7.5

A compilation of Namco games that will give us unlimited hours of fun, thanks to the fact that it offers several game modes, including the cooperative mode and online rankings to share your maximum scores and compete for the first place. A game that mixes classic and modern features. Highly recommended for Namco fans.

Reverie: Sweet As Edition (Switch) - 6.5

A story with no side quests along with a boring exploration. However, the puzzles are original and the game is addictive. Tai is a reincarnation that keeps Link's soul in Ness's body. This is more a problem than a blessing.

OlliOlli: Switch Stance (Switch) - 8

OlliOlli: Switch Stance is a title with a great gameplay, lots of levels and good challenges, which make it a highly recommended title for any player and totally essential for skate lovers.

RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore (Switch) - 5

Nicalis offers us a game that simplifies the most usual mechanics of hack'n'slash and combines them with the procedural creation of levels. In the end, however, it lacks skills and weapons that diversify the gameplay, which ends up being repetitive and, therefore, boring.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Special Episode DLC (Switch) - 9

This expansion of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Switch has a good length and difficulty. Clearing the numerous new challenges and finding all the gems and additional requirements offer hours of fun that make it worthwhile to buy this DLC.

Ape Out (Switch) - 8.5

Ape Out is frantic and sophisticated. It is an excellent game both in its presentation and in its gameplay, although it may be short for some players.

12 is better than 6 (Switch) - 7.5

Taking small things from the most classic novels and movies of the American western, this title manages to make you feel like a gunslinger in a lawless country. Its artistic section is outstanding, but it has a very short duration.

Devil Engine (Switch) - 7.5

Devil Engine is a challenging shoot'em up that will delight fans of the genre. Although it has some aspects that can be improved, it is entertaining and addictive. In addition, its different game modes and its large amount of content make it an interesting proposal.

Yume Nikki: Dream Diary (Switch) - 6

Yume Nikki: Dream Diary aims to become the spiritual successor of the legendary horror game of the same name while trying to adapt to the new times. However, it offers a rather short and forgettable experience.

Final Fantasy IX (Switch) - 7.6

Although it is a simple port, Final Fantasy IX for Nintendo Switch is a title recommended for its excellent story, its great gameplay and its sound section that borders on perfection.

Trine 2: Complete Story (Switch) - 8.5

Trine 2: Complete Story stands out for its audiovisual beauty, its graphics and its charismatic heroes. It is a fantasy story that lasts several hours and we can play it alone or in company. It offers even more fun if we want to complete additional challenges.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (3DS) - 8.5

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is a title with a great artistic design, replayable and with tons of contents. Its new features are interesting and therefore it is highly recommended game for all fans of platform games and Kirby.

Elli (Switch) - 5

A monotonous platform game with many bugs. Suitable for children, who will not focus on these negative aspects and enjoy their graphic section.

Trials Rising (Switch) - 9

Trials Rising is a very addictive game. The great amount of hours that we will spend to get that gold or platinum medal will make us overlook small mistakes in the graphic section. Its level design is splendid.

Treasure Stack (Switch) - 8.4

Treasure Stack is a fun game with different online modes and functions that allows us to get a lot of equipment, some of them exclusive of each season. Its mechanics, which are easy to learn and difficult to master, will delight fans of puzzle games.