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8 best tips for writing your coursework

    8 best tips for writing your coursework 

Using the active and passive voice in research writing | Editage ...

If you feel stressed and desperate because of the deadlines and you do not know how to start writing, these are some pieces of advice, which are beneficial and can be applied by everyone. 

  • So let’s get straight into it! 
  • Step one is to read your problem or question really thoughtfully and understand what the main topic is about so you know where to look. Once you have the principal concept you can go on to step two. 

    Step two is to go over the lectures related to the main topic. You can get them from your lecture notes that, by the way, needed just to refresh your thoughts on the topics in the first place; giving you hints and tips where to look further in relation to this specific topic. Now once you have understood the key concept you may go to step three. 

  • Make a quick plan on just a spare piece of paper.  
  • It has to be the very rough but changeable plan. It helps you to coordinate your ideas with the topic. You may use it for writing down what types of arguments you’re taking or ideas popped out in your head and help you to direct your research. It’s not going to be your final research plan. So look at step number four. 

    Research itself. The longer the time it takes from your whole work, the higher your mark will be. Here you may take into account two different ways of carrying on the research. 

  • Making a graph where you can have several columns for specific information related to your topic. You just take all materials related and fit to your topic and put them into appropriate space, so that you can get the most important information really fast. 
  • Using different colours of markers is another best way to do this. Just highlight a different type of information with different colours, e.g. blue for writing the major part, black for references (book titles, authors, articles) and red for your point of view on the source (what role it can play in your research).  
  • NOW look at a very important piece of advice: if you started your coursework in the last minute because you postponed it over and over, just feel free to buy coursework online. It helps you to save your nerve cells and send your coursework just in time. 

    On step five, you actually come up with the detailed plan, which, of course, will include three big parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. However, the tip is to leave more space between them, there you will write your points followed with sources you are going to use. The higher the quality of your research the faster you will write your essay. 

    Step six is to write your first draft. Do not worry about your word count at the moment and references, because you will change it a lot. 

    Step seven is revisions and references. You should go through your essay at least about 10 times to make sure that all aspects of it are as you like it most. It’s going to be a lot different from your first draft. Once you feel like you read it through enough times and you made significant changes to it go on to step 8. 

    Reread your essay one more time before you send it off or upload it. You need to make sure that everything’s within the word count, do not be over, this is very important in most universities. Read it one more time to see some last mistakes, check your references, check your cover and see it as the best essay you have. That is when you upload it!