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What to write a tutor on your resume

The Resume Example for Tutor is a business card of the tutor, which he should approach the drawing up with the utmost care. It is important that after reading it a potential client wants to cooperate with you, so that even this written information can make a proper impression.

What to write in the resume?

  • Education. A mandatory paragraph to indicate which university was graduated and in what year, what specialty was obtained, and also indicate the courses taken and other educational achievements.
  • Teaching experience. It is important to indicate the year when and where you started working as a teacher, the experience of tutoring, and the results achieved by your students (how they passed the USE, graduated the school year, which schools they entered).
  • Personal methodical developments. It is worth to emphasize the use of methodical textbooks, created and tested by you, innovations and pedagogical technologies, which you mostly use in your work.
  • Personal information. It is worth indicating your marital status, presence of children, hobbies and interests. Many teachers consider this point not necessary, but sometimes very often clients pay attention to it, because, for example, they are looking for a person who has children, or a versatile person who is not only interested in teaching.
  • Peculiarities of tutoring activity. The tutor should necessarily specify the approximate cost of the lesson, the preferred time, as well as options for the location of the lesson and the ability to move around the city.

And a few more important points

The tutor should take the time to properly design his resume. First of all you should check the literacy of the written information. It is also better to highlight each point in a separate paragraph, as a sheet of text is very bad to read. You should not abuse pictures, emoticons and various symbols. Summary - the face of the teacher, which will make the first impression customers. Do not be lazy to put your whole soul into it, and then you will see the fruit of your work! Know how to present yourself.

Write the truth and do not embellish reality!