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Seven things that should be on a good resume

Work experience: brief and uninterrupted

The most important part of your resume is here. Start at the end: the beginning of your career tells little about your current level, so it's better to talk about the most recent projects you've worked on. Employers are most interested in the last three years of your work.

Leave only the important items in the list of responsibilities. It is good when they do not exceed ten: choose what you are most competent in, what you want to continue to do in the next place.

The position for which you are applying

Use common job titles so you can be easily found in searches. For example, "customer service specialist" is more commonly referred to by employers as "help desk specialist." A particular company may also have a "smile manager" or even just a "director." But a potential employer must immediately understand that this is a customer service manager and store director in order to be interested in their resume.

Tell a story about yourself

Write about the specific professional knowledge you possess, the specific principles that guide your work.

Avoid boilerplate phrases and listing good human qualities. You are a professional, and you have a lot to say about your work: write about how many years you have been in the profession, what you do best, what techniques and programs you use in your work.


Recall what role you played in the company's new project, what percentage of the sales plan you met, what documents you put in order or what work you systematized.


A good photo can "draw out" a best resume writing services online, and it's also a great way to remember a person. But it also works the other way around: a photo that an employer doesn't like, for whatever reason, can affect their resume decision as well.

Look for a shot where your face is clearly visible and you look calmly into the camera. If there is no suitable photo, ask someone to take a picture. Preferably against a light, solid background.

Key skills

When an employer searches a website for employees, one of the filters they use is key skills. Filling them out is easy, and the site's internal system helps with that: it suggests popular skills for specific positions.

Literacy and pitch

Avoid stamps, run your resume text through any online error-checking service. Correct spelling and punctuation. A competently written text makes a good impression, while a resume with errors betrays haste or inattention.
Show the finished document to a more experienced acquaintance or ask for help from the service's experts.