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Transportation of drugs by sea vessels

Large ships of well-known companies are often seen carrying drugs.For example, Sea Land was fined $ 82 million for the fact that 5 tons of marijuana were found on two of its ships, Shelley Bay and Seaward Bay, in the Port of Everglades among the cargo delivered from Jamaica.A $ 65 million fine was imposed on the Taiwanese company Evergreen when significant quantities of marijuana were found in containers of two of its ships in the port of New Orleans.However, then this fine was reduced to $ 29.5 million.

In 1984, a program was launched in the United States to assist American and foreign shipping and aviation companies to prevent the use of their ships and aircraft by the international drug mafia.Later, with the aim of wider involvement of business circles in the fight against drug trafficking, the "Initiative Agreement on Shipping" was signed, in which more than 600 American and foreign carriers are currently participating.

The Customs Service has published a maritime safety guide for shipowners and charterers, which informs them in detail about the practical steps to be taken to reduce the risk of being involved in drug smuggling.The Marine Engineering Review magazine interprets this manual in some detail, shows what means and methods are used by the drug mafia to deliver poisonous potions to the United States and other countries.The magazine provides characteristics of various drugs, possibilities and ways of their illegal transportation.

On any ship, the foreign press indicates, there are many places where drugs can be easily hidden.

The inventiveness of the drug mafia knows no boundaries.For example, heroin totaling £ 160,000.Art.was found in two puddings aboard a ship in Liverpool.Or else: sweet potato bushes are dug out of the ground, cannabis (raw material for marijuana production) is introduced into the tubers, and then the bushes are planted again so that they grow further.After collecting such tubers, it is almost impossible to find a drug in them.

In the event that a contraband drug cargo is found on the high seas, the captain reports the finding to the port of the next call.The contents should be listed in detail in the logbook.A very narrow circle of people should be aware of the detection, since a dangerous situation can be created on the ship due to the fact that communication with the drug mafia of one or several crew members is possible. Best 3D models site 3D Poser and 3D Max Free download