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Main features of nandrolone decanoate

Nandrolone is not characterized by an excessive tendency to aromatization, the level of conversion to estrogen seems to be necessary to create the necessary anabolic effect.

On the other hand, the absence of negative estrogenic side effects is compensated by an increase in prolactin secretion and an increase in the activity of the progesterone receptor. This leads to excessive suppression of endogenous testosterone secretion and can cause the development of negative estrogen-like side effects.

The action of Nandrolone Deca develops smoothly, the maximum concentration in the body can be achieved on the seventh day after the injection. Buy Nandrolone But the effectiveness and duration of impact (three weeks) are highly valued. The rare use of rather painful injections is seen by many athletes as a major benefit.

It is possible that it is for this reason that the popularity of the soundboard is much higher than that of another form, phenylpropionate, born three years earlier. Low hepatotoxicity is believed to be another benefit of using the soundboard.

Unfortunately, it is problematic for athletes who regularly take part in official competitions to use such a useful means of increasing strength and endurance. The doping control allows to identify traces of use within a year and a half after injection.