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How do I write a resume for a job

A resume is a succinct and concise description of yourself, which reveals personal and business qualities, as well as experience in professional activities. In compiling this document, the applicant tries to highlight his best professional qualities.

Peculiarities of writing a resume for employment

Before you start creating a online professional resume editing services, you need to have a clear idea of its structure.

Also you should take care that the document you send was easy and pleasant to read, for this you need to structure the text and format it.

Rules and general guidelines

Try to write your resume so that it is of maximum interest for the employer.

You should also write a cover letter to the employer when you send your resume.

Once you have sent you can contact your employer's staff to find out if the résumé has been reviewed.

After filling out the resume, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The document should not contain grammatical and punctuation errors;
  • Describing your current place of work, it is better to use verbs in the present tense;
  • Avoid overly complex phrases;
  • if you will be typing the document, choose white paper of good quality;
  • Make sure that the information on your resume is accurate.

Sections and nuances of filling them in

Compiling a resume for employment is subject to quite strict rules:

  • it is necessary to specify the name;
  • indicate what kind of position we are applying for;
  • fill in your contact information: it is better to specify two telephone numbers and e-mail;
  • it is necessary to specify the previous places of work, information about education, personal qualities;
  • Additional information is allowed;
  • a photograph should be attached.

Many companies provide a sample of registration, according to which it is necessary to specify their marital status, but this information is not mandatory.

You should pay special attention to the correctness of some of these items, which are directly related to your professional activities.

Professional experience in previous jobs

A resume should include the previous jobs.

They should be listed starting with the most recent, then the penultimate place of work and so on.

Additional information

Before writing the resume, it is necessary to recall all the skills and abilities that would be useful in the new position both for you and for the company.

For example, in this section you can write about whether you own a car and whether you have a license. You can also talk a little about your interests.


Many resume samples suggest that the applicant is required to include a photograph.