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Taking a step for a new Nintenderos

Taking a step for a new Nintenderos

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As you may have noticed, after several months of work, the new Nintenderos is ready. We have invested a lot of time and resources in renewing the site to make it more attractive to the current times. However, all the changes you are seeing today are not only limited to the visual aspect. We’ve done our best to address the feedback we’ve received throughout all this time to make Nintenderos better than ever before.

Nintenderos.com has been active as a site for over a decade in which news has been published on a daily basis at a steady pace. Always, trying to offer all kinds of information related to Nintendo. Currently, the site has published more than 100 000 entries, including not only news, but hundreds of reviews, dozens of articles and interviews and other original content in the form of various sections that the site has published throughout its history. Taking all into account, we have in our team people who have try every day to bring the passion and news of Nintendo to people all over the world. And with this new step we are taking, we aspire to leave the past behind, learning from it all, to look forward to a future that looks more promising than ever.

Having said all this, we can imagine that you are thinking… What has exactly changed? What can we expect from now on from the site? Well, let’s see!

Our way of working with news

All the posts we publish and will publish on Nintenderos have something in common: at the end of them, we always link to the site where the information we share was taken from. Thus, we use the word Source if the information originally comes from the page we link to, or Via, in case we have taken the information from a different media from the one where the information originates.

Since before, and now more than ever, as we are a small team and better structured than before, all content published on the site will be previously reviewed to ensure that it meets minimum standards. Of course, we will continue to publish content of all kinds related to Nintendo, but it will be better classified (this is something that we will touch on in a later section).

Finally, and as an extremely important note, first of all, we are human. Dozens of news and other content are published on the site every day, and it is normal that sometimes we miss something, we miss something, or we make a mistake in terms of the information shared or its attribution. For that reason, from now on, we provide the following email for direct contact with the editor-in-chief of the page: carlos@nintenderos.com. We also have a Twitter account dedicated to support with the same function.

That email and account can be used if there is any conflict regarding any of our publications. In other words, if in any of the news that are published daily on the page is considered that there is erroneous information or a bad attribution to any way or source of information, you can easily contact us to solve it and compensate it. Also, you can make use of the email or account media or individuals who want to contact us for any other reason related to what we publish (for example, people who want us to cover a news item that is not included in the web, media who want to request something…).

In short, you can use that email and that contact account for ANY complaint or suggestion regarding our content. That email and that contact account are and will be the fastest, most legitimate and effective way for us to work on attending or compensating any of your queries in the most appropriate way possible. It is a measure that we should have implemented some time ago, but now that we are taking a step forward as a medium with this renovation, it is the right time to address it and continue learning.

Our original content

Although the core of the site’s content is the news, the truth is that Nintenderos is much more than that. We have been producing original content for years in the form of well-received sections such as Nintenderos Today, Cara o Cruz (which will be back soon) or Nintenderos Wars, which has already had several dozen editions behind it.

However, that’s not all. There are more than 1 500 completely original reviews on the site, many of them published before the release of very prominent games. We tend to be the first to publish reviews for some obscure games, such as Gnosia. Also, we have wonderful articles in progress, such as the series that analyzes chapter by chapter the music in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

In addition to all that, for some time now we have been investing a lot of time in exclusive interviews with great figures of the sector: dubbing actors, Spanish videogame figures, international videogame emblems… To give some examples, we have been the first Spanish-speaking media to interview Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, in more than a decade. We have also been able to speak exclusively with other very important figures in the video game industry such as Jenova Chen, creator of Journey and Sky, Capcom producers or even the president of a company such as Koei Tecmo.

Currently, we do not plan to slow down the pace. We have five more exclusive interviews in the pipeline for this year with international industry figures, including creators of the biggest video game franchises on the current scene. Also, we will soon be revealing a top Japanese game for the first time, with exclusive information. We have a lot in store for the future, so keep an eye on us!

New ways to classify content

As we announced a few weeks ago, content classification is very important to us. As we publish a variety of fan creations, rumors, theories, guides, tips, news and original content, it’s normal that not everyone likes everything. That’s why we’re introducing categories like Fandom (for fan-generated content), Encuestas (to get your opinion on different topics), Guías (to help you get different things on featured games) and, finally, Rumores (to deal with unofficial information).

These new categories are better integrated than ever in the new page design. They appear in the header, so that anyone interested in them can check them out directly or skip them. If you are only interested in news, you can access them from the corresponding section. The same applies if you are interested in articles, interviews or analysis. Everything now has its place on the page so that you only have to read what interests you and you can choose to skip what you don’t like. However, if you are one of those who like to know about everything, the main page will continue to show content from all categories.

We’ll continue to work in the future to decide what kinds of content we publish on the site, so that everything will be more appealing to you while keeping you informed about Nintendo news in all its aspects.

Reinventing reviews

For some time now, the idea of numerical reviews has been abandoned in favor of a transition to other types of review scoring. However, after much debate, we have decided to continue with our current method: scoring with a number, with positive and negative things and various parameters to assess, such as the story, gameplay, audiovisual section or multiplayer (if the game has it).

Anyways, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to give things a twist. At the end of the day, we are a small team, with limited resources, and although we already have almost 1,000 reviews registered on Metacritic, there are often titles that, although we would like to cover, we miss. On the other hand, there are big releases that you would like to know more about and see in motion, and we felt that our coverage of them could sometimes be lacking. For that reason, we are taking this opportunity to introduce two types of reviews that will start being published on the site from now on: video reviews and mini reviews.

Our video reviews will be dedicated to the big releases that will take place on the console from now on, such as Metroid Dread or Shin Megami Tensei V. In addition to our written review, we will try to cover better than before the titles you are looking forward to the most, and depending on our time and the possibilities offered to us, we will also provide you with a video review so you can see the title in motion before its release.

On the other hand, mini reviews will be just the opposite. These are shorter reviews than a regular review. Mini reviews will cover in a few paragraphs the most important aspects of a game and will allow us to cover more titles than ever before. Thus, more obscure games, such as some visual novels or low profile indie titles will receive a little more coverage on the page, offering you a score and points to take into account about each one so you can decide whether or not to go for them.

Video reviews and mini reviews are just two more of the things that we are introducing with this new version of Nintenderos, which we hope will be an evolution for the site in terms of variety, quantity and quality.

Looking to the future

The news we have told you about in this press release are just the beginning of a new direction for the site. As a next step, we plan to improve our social section with a new and more attractive forum, the organization of tournaments with prizes, and social networks with more life than ever before. In addition to this, we plan to open in a few weeks a form to look for collaborators to help us with mini-reviews or other kinds of content, clearly specifying the conditions (of course, Spanish will be needed).

The future of all things Nintendo looks brighter than ever. With great titles in the horizon like the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Splatoon 3, Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3 and with the same enthusiasm as always, we will continue to transmit you the news of everything that surrounds such a wonderful hobby as videogames are.

Today, we take a step in a new direction in which we have always believed. After so long, thank you for trusting us. From now on, we hope to walk in a future where we all (including other media, YouTubers, streamers, influencers, players, readers and the whole community) share the same passion, because what brings us together has much more weight than what separates us. We are at your service. We will keep on working hard. Thank you for reading Nintenderos.