Luigi's Mansion (3DS) - 8

Luigi's Mansion returns 17 years later as fun as ever, but with some new features that will delight both the players who enjoyed it in the past and the new players who did not have the opportunity to do so. And now in portable mode.

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition (Switch) - 8.5

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition is a version of this classic indie as funny as ever, which only suffers from not being able to use Joy-Con alone to play its famous multiplayer mode.

Warriors Orochi 4 (Switch) - 6.4

Warriors Orochi 4 offers a lot of playable characters and spectacular battles that contrast with some problems with the framerate and the scarcity of new features.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (Switch) - 5.5

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is a title that copies the Dark Souls saga. Its approach to involution of the character is different, but it is the only thing that the title does not copy. Apart from being very short, it offers an almost non-existent story and repetitive mechanics.

Chasm (Switch) - 7.8

Bit Kid has made the game stand out in a world full of titles of the same genre. Chasm arrives at Switch in an elegant, beautiful and addictive way.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch) - 8.2

Ubisoft has managed to create a really great title. It has a good story and a great gameplay that will make us play it for many hours. Its graphic and sound section will delight science fiction fans. However, you may not like the price of additional ships and if you do not buy them, you will not be able to enjoy the full game.

Monster Loves You! (Switch) - 5.6

Monster Loves You! is an ideal title for the Switch because it uses the touch controls but does not finish highlighting the drawings. In addition, its mechanics are a bit repetitive despite offering fourteen different endings.

Whispering Willows (Switch) - 6.5

Although the resolution of puzzles is simple and not very elaborated, Whispering Willows offers a great compilation of texts that tell the story of the game and an excellent visual section. A title that is certainly interesting.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix (Switch) - 9.6

Final Remix adds improvements in the graphic section, in addition to including new content and the possibility of playing it in TV or tabletop mode. It has an interesting story, a fantastic soundtrack and a very original gameplay, although it may take us a while to adapt to this game system in Switch.

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition (Switch) - 9

Sometimes there are video games that are small pieces of art. Child of Light: Ultimate Edition is a clear example of this, being a great work with a superb audiovisual section, an innovative narrative and a perfect gameplay for RPG fans.

The Way Remastered (Switch) - 7.3

The Way Remastered introduces us a man who does not accept the death of the person he loves, and thanks to his experience working as an explorer and researcher, he believes he has found a way to resurrect his wife. The game does not arrive with an impeccable translation into Spanish, and there are small bugs that can complicate the experience of this adventure. However, the game is still an incredible experience that fans of puzzle games will love.

Mega Man 11 (Switch) - 8

Capcom has been able to revive the saga in the best possible way, with a good game that maintains its essence but that provides enough innovation to make Mega Man 11 an entertaining, fun and replayable game. In addition, it is suitable for all types of players thanks to its multiple levels of difficulty and good controls.

A Case of Distrust (Switch) - 6

Despite its seemingly sober premise, it turns out to be quite dynamic visually and becomes a successful black novel that deals with racial and feminist topics, although it would have been appreciated to have a better management of the notebook and a better use of the the control scheme.

Bastion (Switch) - 8

Its artistic style and the gameplay are still Bastion's two bastions for Nintendo Switch. In spite of not having additions, the portability of Switch fits perfectly. The story and its narration, as well as that progressive difficulty, make of Bastion a wonderful timeless title.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch) - 9

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most faithful title of the original work of Akira Toriyama to date and its playability is very representative, with frenetic and funny combats. If you are a fan of fighting games and you like Dragon Ball, you will love this title.

The Escapists: Complete Edition (Switch) - 6.7

The Escapists: Complete Edition is a mix of RPG, simulation and really fun strategy, which includes the DLC of the original game and offers 15 levels with different settings that will make us squeeze our heads to plot the perfect flight plan.

Super Mario Party - 8.5

Super Mario Party is a game that ensures fun with the huge number of available modes. The variety of minigames and characters and its good graphics and sounds make it a highly recommended game, especially to play with friends on the couch.

Siegecraft Commander (Switch) - 5.7

Its breath of fresh air to the strategy games, its minimal management and a unique battle system make the multiplayer mode fun and competitive. However, we will hardly find players in the online mode, even though the game has cross-play. Its campaign is also short, so we only recommend buying the game with friends.

Ultimate Chicken Horse (Switch) - 9

The system that has managed to create Clever Endeavor Games is really admirable. The game hides some mechanics of great complexity with a very varied personalization in all its sections. Although its control is somewhat imprecise and we would have liked to see more blocks with which to experiment, the fun offered by the game makes us recommend it.

Armello (Switch) - 7.5

Beyond the beauty of this game, there are interesting mechanics and some small defects in Switch that we hope will be fixed soon. However, the love dedicated to this project eclipses the negative points and allows you to enjoy the game in "solitude", because it does not have local multiplayer but online multiplayer.